‘New’ Beatles Song “Now And Then” Will Be Released Next Week

The long-awaited ‘new’ recording from the Beatles will finally arrive next week.
The song, “Now And Then”, was taken from an unreleased John Lennon demo, and includes guitar parts recorded by George Harrison before his death in 2001.
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr finished the song last year, using AI to help separate and clarify Lennon’s vocals.
The song will be released Thursday, Nov. 2nd, as a single paired with the band’s very first recording, “Love Me Do”.
One day earlier – Wednesday, Nov. 1st – we’ll get a 12-minute mini-documentary on the making of the song.
Starr has promised that this is the last song that will ever be released with all four Beatles.
What are your expectations for “Now And Then”? Do you consider it a ‘real’ Beatles song?