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New Corey Hart Music!

From Corey’s Youtube Channel:

This special song was written for Chris Evert. In my humble opinion, not only is she the greatest female tennis player to grace the sport, but she is also one my dearest and most trusted friends. We were playing tennis together one afternoon in late 2004 a few weeks before her fiftieth birthday. I was running, sweating, chasing, flying down tennis balls with everything I had, but just couldn’t make any points off the champ. I kept saying out loud to my wife Julie, who was watching from the sidelines (as I was getting my ass royally kicked), “Man, she’s so good!” Chrissie laughed and added, “Well, then, why don’t you do what you’re so good at and write me a song!” So, I took out my guitar later that evening and started writing a tune in a burst of creative energy. I presented her the track as a gift on her fiftieth birthday. Chrissie had tears in her eyes, telling me it was the nicest present anyone had ever given her.