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New doc ‘The Beatles And India’ to come with companion album of Beatles covers

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Last year saw the release of the documentary Meeting the Beatles In India, filmmaker Paul Saltzman‘s account of the time he spent at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi‘s ashram in India in 1968, hanging out with The Beatles. Now, a new documentary aims to explore the impact of India and Indian culture on The Beatles’ lives and music.

As NME reports, the new film, called The Beatles and India, is co-directed by Ajoy Bose, author of Across The Universe — The Beatles in India. It’ll include rare archival footage, recordings and photographs, expert commentary, eyewitness accounts and segments filmed across India.

According to a statement from the filmmakers published on, the film is “the first serious exploration of how India shaped the development of the greatest-ever rock band and their own pioneering role bridging two vastly different cultures.”

Perhaps most interestingly, there will be a companion album called The Beatles and India: Songs Inspired by the Film, featuring contemporary Indian artists covering songs that were inspired by the Beatles’ interest in Indian music and the time they spent in India, such as “Across the Universe,” “Sexy Sadie,” “Dear Prudence,” “I Will,” “Mother Nature’s Son,” “Norwegian Wood” and “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

The first release from the album is a cover of John Lennon‘s 1980 song “India, India” by Nikhil D’Souza.  The film will premiere in the U.K. next week, with a full release planned for the fall.

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