Nicolas Cage Reveals His Picks For Top 5 Movies In His Career

Nicolas Cage recently shared which movies from his career are his top 5 favorites.
Cage said to Stephan Colbert, “Pig, That’s my favorite movie that I’ve ever made.”
He also mentioned Mandy, Bringing Out The Dead, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and Joe.
He also shared more about Vampire’s Kiss, which inspired his role in Face/Off, and added, “Vampire’s Kiss was a little movie I made where I was able to explore my more abstract dreams with film performance.”
He continued, “I was sadly playing a character who is losing his mind and was beginning to think that he was the vampire from the original Nosferatu movie. And when you’re playing a character who’s losing his mind, he can believe he’s Nosferatu. So I got to act like a German expressionistic silent movie star, and that was cool, like these facial expressions and whatnot. But Face/Off was a big movie, a big studio movie that I made at Paramount, and I was able to use what I learned from this little Vampire’s Kiss movie and put it in this giant movie. And it worked. I was like, people really dig this. So I was very happy with those results.”
Why do you think Nicolas Cage’s role in Face/Off was his best?