Nintendo Is Making Movies Now

Video games and movies have worked side by side, and now Nintendo is seizing the opportunity to bring their games to life on the big screen.
Back in the day, Nintendo had the “Super Mario Bros.” movie, which had little to do with the game, but Nintendo is making a drastic change forward as far as new movie projects.
The CEO of the animation studio illumination of Nintendo said, “The processes of making visual content and developing games share some of the same ways of thinking, but there are also differences. The movie business, including distribution, is in a period of transformation. We think that asking for Chris’ input, as an expert with many years of experience in Hollywood, will be of great help to us in the future.”
Nintendo says that they don’t want to have their video games just feature Mario in their upcoming movie projects. They want to create new characters for their ‘Nintendo Universe’.
Are you in favor of Nintendo branching out into the movie space? What character do you think would prevail in the new Nintendo Universe?