No Middle Seats?! I Don’t Care Where This Plane Flies, But I’m Going There!

There is nothing worse than sitting in the middle seat on an airplane.  It’s even horrible when you’re sitting between people you know!  But between two strangers!?!?  Oh my goodness – I’d rather sit in the lavatory!

Well on the new Embraer E2 aircraft, they promise you will never have to worry about being wedged on a flight again. The planes will only have window and aisle seats!!!  Book me a flight!

Some smaller passenger planes already offer this for short hops but the E2 features more room. They have bigger cabin windows and more overhead space so you can easily stow your carry-on bags with wheels.

The jets have been rolling out around the world. Skywest Airlines which operates regional flights for Delta, American, United, and Alaska will get their order sometime in 2021.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in a middle seat? I flew non-stop from LA to PBI between two strangers and thought I was going to die.



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