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*NSYNC reunite — over Zoom — for Lance Bass’ birthday

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Kevin Mazur/Getty ImagesLance Bass turned 41 on Tuesday, and even though he couldn’t celebrate in person with his pals, he managed to have quite the virtual birthday bash — which even included a mini *NSYNC reunion.

Lance posted a video retrospective of the celebration, which featured a Zoom call with his *NSYNC bandmates Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick, labeled “*NSYNC-O DE MAYO.”  Joey Fatone wore a sombrero and a Mexican serape for the occasion.  Lance also received a gift box featuring glasses decorated with the silhouettes of the group members, prompting him to crack, “We need to sell these!”

Before you ask, no, Justin Timberlake didn’t appear to be part of the Zoom celebration.

Other groups of Lance’s friends also made appearances on his Zoom, including Kristen Chenoweth, singer and actress Shoshana Bean, YouTube star Colleen “Miranda Sings” Ballinger, and Frankie Grande.

Lance wrote on Instagram, “My loved ones made it so special. I’m still in shock. It started with a parade of cars outside my house with a few friends. I had enough food sent over to feed an army. And I dug into SIX birthday cakes.”  One of the cakes was shaped like a roll of toilet paper.

“And to top it off [my husband] Michael through me a surprise virtual bday party with some of my favorite people!…Thank you to everyone who made this weird birthday the best ever!”

Lance noted on the video, “You know what the best thing about this birthday party is? That I can do the whole thing with no pants on!”  He then stood up to reveal that the only thing he was wearing below the waist was a pair of teeny tiny briefs.

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