Ocean Spray Gets Weird

Ocean Spray’s new Thanksgiving ad is blowing up the Internet.
In it, a family of silent, beige-wearing people are involuntarily taken over by the urge to wiggle after canned cranberry sauce jiggles in front of them.
Some people called the ad creepy and confusing but some liked it, with one saying, “The jiggle is dope, embrace the jiggle” and another explaining, “I always wondered what the holidays are like for the Wacky Wavy Inflatable Tube Guy that you see outside of grand openings.” I will now probably hear the song from this commercial anytime I see one of those wavy guys bouncing outside a car dealership. #Synergy.”
There is also a “jiggle with us” challenge on TikTok with the aim of getting everyone of all ages wiggling and jiggling.
What side dish could you do without on Thanksgiving?