October 1st Dr. Fraiser Crane “Will Be Listening”

Kelsey Grammer recently shared the release date for the revival of Frasier, and many fans are excited to hear that it is coming sooner than later.

The revival will be coming to Paramount+ on October 1st.

Grammer said, “We’ve shot ten shows, we just finished up last Tuesday, it’s a terrific show.”

He continued about his old Cheers co-stars, “I saw Woody [Harrelson] … I saw George [Wendt] a couple weeks before that. It’s nice. We’re all still pretty much pals. We don’t go out of our way to visit all the time but when we have the chance to see one another again it’s always a sense of occasion.”

Which original Frasier star would you like to see make a cameo in this new revival?