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Olivia Newton-John Defends Ending Of “Grease”.

It’s a question for the ages:  Is the ending of “Grease” anti-feminist?

I mean, Sandy is the ultimate good girl, but ultimately she has to go all bad and raunchy . . . and even take up SMOKING . . . to land the lead greaser Danny.

Well, OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN doesn’t see it that way.  She says, quote, “It’s a movie.  It’s a story from the ’50s where things were different.

“Everyone forgets that, at the end, he changes for her, too.  There’s nothing deep in there about the #MeToo movement.”

She adds, quote, “It’s just a girl who loves a guy, and she thinks if she does that, he’ll like her.  And he thinks if he does that, she’ll like him.  I think that’s pretty real.  People do that for each other.  It was a fun love story.”

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