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OMG…Don’t Use The Elevator In A Flood

You wouldn’t think this had to be said. But if you’re in a big apartment building and there’s a flash flood . . . don’t take an elevator down to the basement. Nebraska got a ton of rain over the weekend, and parts of downtown Omaha flooded. So a group of friends decided to go check it out. A guy named Tony Luu was hanging out with two friends in his apartment. They all look to be in their 20s or early 30s. And they took an elevator down to see if the place was flooded or not . . . and quickly found out it WAS. There was a huge jolt on their way down when the elevator hit the water. Then it started pouring in through the cracks, and they couldn’t get out. One of them was recording with their phone when it happened, so there’s video. The water kept coming in until it was up to their NECKS. So they called 911 and said hurry, because they thought they might drown. But Tony’s roommate happens to be a maintenance guy in the building and got to them first.