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On Reddit AMA, Kelly Clarkson talks sound of new album, reveals her “deepest musical desire”

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Adam Christopher/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesKelly Clarkson visited Reddit on Wednesday afternoon for her first-ever AMA — Ask Me Anything — session, and she did not disappoint, providing honest answers to fans’ questions — including one about the status of her new album.

Kelly, who just released her new single “I Dare You,” told the fan, “Just set up a little studio here in Montana and, yes, we are still working on my next album. There are some great songs!”

“The vibe is kind of a mixture of my records Breakaway, All I Ever Wanted and Meaning Of Life,” she continued. “The sound so far is like if those albums had a baby ha!”

Responding to another question about when she’d finally release a country album, Kelly wrote, “I have come to the conclusion my deepest desire musically is to come out with a country/singer-songwriter album, and I think because it’s so precious of a project to me, I am incredibly picky about what the sound and vibe should be — so it’s taking forever for this idea to come to fruition.”

“It will happen,” she promised. “I’m just not sure when.”

She added, “I have been VERY lucky that my fans have allowed me the freedom to be creative in other genres and they have always come along on the ride with me. That is the thing I’m most thankful for in my career.”

And how does she cope with fame? Kelly admitted, “At the end of the day, I don’t care about being famous. I never have.”

“I have always stuck to my path that I choose, regardless of what it may bring, because as far as I know, we get this one life,” she continued. “And I’m gonna make damn sure it’s what I want and is as awesome as I can make it!”

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