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One Reason People Don’t Want to Go Back to Working in an Office? The Poop Sitch

This isn’t one of the usual perks you hear about working from home . . . but it’s definitely a significant one.  You get to use your own TOILET.

And now that lots of people are starting to go back into an office for the first time since the pandemic started, they’re really not happy about the whole poop situation.

There’s an article on all about the issue.  Quote, “Maybe your office bathroom has stall doors that reach the knees, or it’s silent, or there’s no ventilation.  Your boss might come in and make conversation.  You might stink the whole place up.”

None of that was an issue at home . . . so it’s affecting how some people feel about working in-person again.

One person who was interviewed for the article really summed it up.  Quote, “Going to the bathroom at home is a million times more relaxed than in an office.”