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Oprah ‘Wasted Millions’ As Prince Harry Threw Away Exclusive With James Corden

It’s being said that Oprah may have been a bit angry after Prince Harry appeared on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show” prior to her interview with the Prince of Sussex.

Harry gave away a huge nugget of information to Corden during his appearance that probably was to be the cornerstone of Oprah’s interview.

When asked why he chose to leave the Royal family and the duties that come along with it, Harry cited the British media as being the reason and the toll it took on his mental health.

It’s being said that Oprah probably lost millions with Harry’s admission and I Paper’s Late Editor Benjamin Butterworth says, “I think they were desperate to get their story out there.” 

Oprah’s interview with Harry and Megan will air Sunday, March 7th.

Do you think an Oprah interview has lost its spark since she’s not on television daily?