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OREO Is The Number 1 Cookie!

The List: Best Store-Bought Cookies Recommended By Cookie Lovers

1. Oreos

Milk’s favorite cookie? More like the experts’ favorite cookie. GQ writes, “We don’t think it’s out of turn to say that Oreos hold a rightful place in every American heart. They’re the cookie that launched many lovers of cookies all over the country. They’re a classic. No matter how you eat them, they’re always good. They’re the only cookie in the world that’ll satisfy you when they’re fresh, stale, or frozen. It’s a holy trinity. These are God’s cookies.”

Mashed also had these fan-favorite cookies high on their list saying, “despite all of the many Oreo flavors available, there’s still something so perfect about the Original Oreo, with its ideal ratio of crunchy, chocolate cookie with creme filling. It’s the perfect cookie for dipping in milk, including in desserts such as cookies and creme cheesecake or ice cream, or simply eating a whole sleeve on its own. With so much versatility, what more could you ask for?”

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