Oscar Mayer Cold Dogs Arrive

Oscar Mayer is teaming up with dessert company Popbar for the debut of the new “Cold Dog.”
The hot dog-flavored frozen pop boasts both “refreshing and smoky, umami notes of Oscar Mayer’s iconic wiener, all topped with a signature swirl of mustard.”
The Cold Dog is available at select Popbar locations in Long Beach, New York City, Alpharetta-Atlanta and New Orleans for $2.00, while supplies last.
Oscar Mayer’s iconic 27-foot Wienermobile also got an icy makeover and is now outfitted as a frozen pop truck with frosted windows and icicle-inspired decorations.
It’s traveling the “hot dog highways” to popular summertime destinations in NYC and the Jersey Shore now through August 27.
Would you eat a hotdog pop? The WHOLE thing?