Over 18-Thousand Australians Sing Toto’s Africa

Pub Choir is sharing their most ambitious effort to date: a cover of Toto’s 1982 classic Africa sung by more than 18,000 strangers between 15 cities. The mega-cover was performed across the duration of Pup Choir’s recent national tour, where they united theatres full of strangers everywhere to sing along with them. All in all, the effort brought together a total of 18,812 singers, backed by a cumulative 37 musical guests. The international choir group wrote on Facebook: “How good is it when people work together?!?” Check out the project on Facebook. According to their website, Pub Choir is “a euphoric sensation that transforms a crowd of tipsy strangers into a legendary choir” by way of “a show that is equal parts music, comedy, and beer.” What group song project would you want to be a part of?