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Ozzy’s Clothes Stolen By A Lyft Driver?

OZZY OSBOURNE almost had his clothes stolen yesterday when his Lyft driver left and became unreachable.  His daughter KELLY quickly took to Twitter and called Los Angeles Police Department for help.

Kelly tweeted, quote, “EMERGENCY!!!!  One of your drivers just knowingly drove off with all of my dad’s clothes in the back seat of her car.  We can’t reach her or you.  Please contact me immediately.  We are calling the police right now!”

She also shared a screenshot from the Lyft app of the driver’s information, but then quickly took it down.  An hour and a half later, she broke the good news that the clothes were tracked down, and gave thanks to Lyft and L.A.P.D.

It’s unclear if this was a true theft attempt, or if it was a misunderstanding and Kelly just overreacted.  Kelly didn’t elaborate on how the driver “knowingly” drove off.  Guess we won’t be seeing any of Ozzy’s belongings on the black market today.

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