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Pamela Anderson’s 11 Day Marriage Was Ended By Text!

PAMELA ANDERSON didn’t just get dumped less than two weeks after her wedding . . . she got dumped by TEXT.
It was on Day 11 that Jon Peters sent Pam a text telling her, quote, “This whole marriage thing . . . has scared me.  It made me realize that at 74 I need a simple quiet life and not an international love affair . . .
“The world knows we did it and I think now we need to go our own separate ways.  I hope that you can forgive me.”
He also told her he loves her, he wants to be in her life forever, and he still wants her to star in a movie he’s producing.
Apparently, it was no skin off Pam’s back, because she sent him a throwing-a-kiss emoji and said, quote, “I forgive you.”
Wow….I don’t think that would have been my response!
However, it seems that Pam and Jon weren’t officially married.  They never did the paperwork.