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Pamela Only Makes $4K A Year From “Baywatch”?! HOW!?

Pamela Anderson and her son, Brandon, recently opened up about her new memoir and documentary that is allowing her to tell her own story in her own words.

Pamela said about why she chose now to share, “Timing. I’m old. Time to do it. Look back. I got something to write about. I came out the other side. Full-circle. I went home to the place where I grew up, and I was able to reflect on my life.”

She continued, “I’ve written since I was little. I had diaries, and so I learned how I was feeling by writing. I’m just trying to do the best I can. I’m a small-town girl. It’s a real authentic story. Just came to L.A. and did the best I could.”

Anderson continued, “Brandon is the one who said, ‘It’s time, Mom. It’s time to tell your story’… and I just said… ‘There’s where my archives are. I don’t know if I’ve saved anything.’ Turns out I saved everything.”

Brandon added, “When I go back, and I even look at past deals and residual checks, people would be shocked to find out how people really took advantage of her… A young girl making a bad deal on a big show, and she was the biggest star at the time. A lot of people made a lot of money off that, people are going to have to have their day when we come knocking… when she makes $4,000 a year off of Baywatch? That’s a crime.”

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