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Participate In Willie Nelson’s 4 20 Show!

If you’re a huge WILLIE NELSON fan, and you like to smoke a little smoke, you NEED to hear this.  Willie’s hosting a livestream variety show on 4/20, which is Monday, and one lucky fan will get to talk to him.

The show is called “Come and Toke It” and it’ll feature musical guests, comedians, chefs, and even some cannabis experts.  It’s going to start promptly at 4:20 Central Time, and will clock-in at, you guessed it . . . four hours and twenty minutes.

If you want to qualify for the Willie conversation, you have to post a video of yourself “passing the toking material of your choice” to the left.  Make sure to include the hashtags #ComeAndTokeIt and #PassLeft.

Do that and you might be selected to talk to Willie live.  While you’re at it, wish him an early birthday.  He’s turning 87 on April 29th.  You can find out more by hitting up LuckReunion.com.

The show will respect all the social distancing requirements . . . and there will also be a donation option to the Last Prison.