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 Pet Sematary: Bloodlines Premieres On Paramount+ October 6th

Stephen King’s self-described deadliest work of all time, Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, will have its world premiere on October 6 on Paramount+.

The film, which is screenwriter Lindsey Beer’s first attempt at directing, serves as a prequel to King’s Pet Sematary and is based on an untold chapter written by the It author. It has been dubbed his scariest property by him.

The movie centers on a young Jud Crandall in 1969 who longs to leave his hometown behind but soon unearths horrible truths hidden there and is forced to face a sordid family past that will bind him to the community for all time. Jud and his boyhood friends must work together to battle an ancient evil that has possessed Ludlow since its founding and has the potential to obliterate all in its path if it is exposed.

Which Stephen King book do you think is the scariest? Why?