Phil Collins’ Alamo Collection Finally Gets A Home

Phil Collins is quite the collector of Alamo and Texana historical artifacts.
The musician has picked up various pieces throughout his lifetime. In 2014, Collins donated his entire collection to the Texas General Land Office, and now, the artifacts are getting a new home.
The Exhibit Hall & Collections Building, which will be located on the Alamo’s land, will break ground this summer with projected completion in 2022.
The new building will house Collins’ collection for the first three years, then they will be moved permanently to the Alamo Visitor Center and Museum.
Some of Collins’ artifacts that he donated include, a leather pouch owned by Davy Crockett, a Jim Bowie knife, and a rifle.
Have you ever been to the Alamo? Do you have a collection of historical items? What’s a historical item that you think would be really cool to own?