Pierce Brosnan & Ellen Barkin Star In ‘The Out-Laws’

In the teaser for his newest Netflix action comedy, Adam DeVine finds himself in a very crazy situation involving his in-laws.
PEOPLE has obtained an exclusive first look at The Out-Laws’ trailer. In the movie, DeVine plays a bank manager who discovers his fiancée’s parents are notorious bank robbers when he meets them for the first time the week before their wedding.
DeVine said, “If I learned anything from shooting this movie it’s if you want to impress your in-laws, rob a series of banks to earn their respect and save their daughter!”

Brosnan added, “He and his wife are not who they say they are. We come into town because our daughter’s getting married, and I do not take to this young man, in any shape or form. I find him to be not worthy of my daughter’s heart. And I give him a very hard time in the process of him trying to woo her.”
The Out-Laws will be released on July 7th.
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