Pink Chocolate Is Coming To The U.S

Bloomberg News is reporting that a Swiss chocolatier, Barry Callebaut, is bringing ruby chocolate to the United States, where it’ll be renamed “pink chocolate.” It’s the first time chocolate has been remixed in over 80 years! Barry Callebaut has been working on the ruby chocolate for over ten years when a ruby cocoa beans were found in Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil. The Kit Kat bar was the first to introduce pink chocolate, which was only available in Japan in 2018. Now the pink chocolate can be found at Trader Joe’s, Target and Whole Food stores. According to Barry Callebaut’s website pink chocolate doesn’t taste “bitter, milky or sweet but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” What is your favorite type of chocolate? What chocolate candy would you want to be remade with pink chocolate?