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Pink helps her community by making homemade soup for her local food bank

Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty ImagesPink is doing her part to make sure no one in her community goes hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic.  On Tuesday, the “What About Us” singer updated fans about how she spent the day — making soup for the local food bank.

Posting a photo of over two dozen plastic containers filled to the brim with homemade soup, Pink captioned, “It is my absolute pleasure to cook for you.”

She also encouraged fans to make a positive impact in their neighborhood by encouraging, “Find your local church, find your local shelter, reach out to them, get some friends together, and cook some soup.  Feed some folks.”

Pink went on to proudly confirm that the batch pictured in her recent update was the “Best soup I ever made.”

But, before anyone could point out a glaring error written on all of her soup containers, the 40-year-old quickly confessed that she may have fallen into the same trap that COVID-19 has set for many individuals — losing track of what day of the week it is.

“I wrote 3/20 because I lost a month somehow,” the “Try” singer candidly pointed out.  “Whoops.”

However, she’s not letting one small mistake ruin the overall message of her post, closing with the caption #feelsgoodtodogood.

As for why Pink may have lost track of the time, she revealed last week that she and her son Jameson have recently recovered from COVID-19, an experience the singer described to show host Ellen DeGeneres as “the scariest thing I’ve ever ever been through in my whole life.”

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