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Pink’s husband Carey Hart took their “black tie” date night a little too literally

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesJust because the current COVID-19 pandemic means that you have nowhere to go doesn’t mean you can’t get a little dressed up now and again.

Pink revealed on Saturday that she and her husband Carey Hart decided to get a little fancy while in quarantine.  Unfortunately, her husband definitely misconstrued her invitation.

We decided to get dressed up “black tie” tonight to stay home,” the 40-year-old singer captioned the selfie of her wearing a gorgeous one-shoulder dress and fancy earrings while Hart, on the other hand, is wearing just a black tie and nothing else.

As indicated by Pink’s wide-eyed stare, that was not the attire she was expecting her husband to wear on their fancy date night. “Way to take it literally @hartluck,” she wryly concluded.

So, how did the couple spend their romantic Saturday night?  In a subsequent Instagram post, Pink proudly showed off her freshly baked banana bread.

Apparently, the couple couldn’t wait to dive in, as the photo shows that a sizable piece has already been cut off for immediate consumption.

“This is my life, my Saturday metaphor,” she captioned.  “Bananas were rotting on the counter, and now there’s a sweet cake to eat. Action, reaction, alchemy, perspective. Perfect reminder that I can turn a situation around and make it sweet again. Sweeter, even, then it started out to be.”

She is most likely referring to her and her son Jameson‘s recent recovery from COVID-19, which she emotionally described to Ellen DeGeneres last Tuesday as “the scariest thing I’ve ever ever been through in my whole life.”

Thankfully, both have since tested negative for the virus and are now on the road to a full recovery.

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