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Pizza Restaurants Are KING During Pandemic

Pizza restaurants are doing better than most during the pandemic. I know I’ve hit my favorite pizza place – Pizza Bella in North Palm Beach A LOT for the past 4 months! **Except for an interior paint change, this place looks the same since 2010!**

Marketwatch has been monitoring sales from restaurants during coronavirus. The numbers for pizzerias have grown week over week recently.

Chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s are doing better than locally-owned mom and pop pizza places possibly because of the ease of ordering food on the chain’s apps. But come on…support local and give Pizza Bella a try!  Check their menu and call ’em – (561) 630-1400!

Dine-In sales have dipped drastically in the last week with many states pulling back on dining room service after COVID case numbers surged across the country.

What has been your go-to delivery order during the pandemic? What place only provides pick up and you wish they delivered?