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Priscilla Presley Did NOT GIVE Bam Margera Elvis’s Ring, Nor His Robe!

Priscilla Presley has denied Bam Margera’s claims she gifted him personal items once belonging to her late ex-husband Elvis Presley in a blistering statement.

After Margera claimed to have received Elvis’ robe and ring from his ex, during a recent get-together, Priscilla issued a statement shooting down his claims to TMZ.

Presley insists the ring Bam claimed to have been gifted actually belonged to him, and the robe was not one of Elvis’.

She also said she and her son Navarone Garcia, a friend of Margera, want no further communication with him. Priscilla claims her son invited Bam over for a visit, but she was unaware of who his friend was or that later he would choose to post photos and false stories.

Do you think that Bam will get help before it’s really too late?