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Rachel Platten talks “difficult” decision to release children’s book amid COVID-19

Macmillan Children’s

Macmillan Children’s Rachel Platten‘s first-ever children’s book You Belong is out now. But on Good Morning America on Tuesday, the “Fight Song” singer — via video — admitted she wasn’t sure if she should even release the book during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Honestly, I was having a hard time deciding, ‘Should I put this out right now in the midst of such a difficult time?'” Rachel told ABC’s Robin Roberts. “But it’s been a year in the making. And ultimately I decided that these are words of love that everyone could use right now. And I am proud to put this message out.”

As for that message, it’s based Rachel’s her song of the same name, which she wrote while she was pregnant with her now one-year-old daughter.

I wrote it for Violet when she was in my belly and I was just imagining telling this human that I didn’t even know was a girl yet, ‘There is nothing that you could do to earn my love. You belong, no matter what,'” Rachel told Robin. “And I wanted to share it with everyone.”

“I got to play it on tour this summer and realized that it’s not just a message for my child, it’s for everyone,” she added. “We all kind of need that reassurance.”

While quarantined, Rachel is keeping busy on social media, and asked people to reach out with charitable requests.

Yesterday, I saw a message asking for me to sing for a hospital, for a group of people who are working hard,” she explained. “So I just put on a concert for them and I hope to be able to do that as much as possible. So please send me messages on Instagram! I’m home and I can spread the healing power of music from here.”

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