Rare Baby Aardvark Born At San Diego Zoo

While a squat, hairless animal with an oversized snout, pointy ears, and a leathery hide might not sound very attractive, there are likely few people who would dispute the San Diego Zoo’s claim that its latest addition is “adorable.”
The zoo has announced the birth of a bouncing baby aardvark — marking the first time in almost 40 years that an aardvark has been born at the San Diego Zoo, says wildlife care specialist Cari Inserra. “She is very active, and was using her sharp claws to dig like an adult aardvark, just hours after her birth,” Inserra says. “We can’t wait until we are able to introduce the cub to our zoo guests.”That will happen in about two months, when the as-yet-unnamed cub will be finished nursing from her mother, Zola, Inserra says.