Ready For The Worst Baby Names Of 2019?!

Some names you can’t pronounce, some you can’t spell, other names honor a woman who tried to murder everyone in the way of her iron throne. has revealed some of the worst baby names for 2019.

    • KingMessiah – No pressure, kid.  None at all.
    • Pinches – this sounds like something Paula Deen would name her pot-belly pig but seven babies got the name in 2019.
    • Blaykelee – The name spelled this way evokes Ugg boots and pumpkin spice lattes.
    • Khaleesi – You really want to name your child after a woman who went mad from generational inbreeding?
    • You can see the full list of baby names which includes wine types, names that seem to honor Charles Manson and more at
    • What is the worst name you’ve heard given to a baby?  Here are some more!