Really?! They Needed A Study To Tell Women How Exhausted We Are? Thanks.

The 2018 McKinsey Report recently released its findings on how exhausted women are. When it comes to work, out of 100 men who get promotions only 79 women get the same opportunity.

The survey looks at 300 workplaces and 13 million people, with 35 percent of women being sexually harassed and 55 percent of those in senior-level positions reporting sexual harassment.

At the current rate, researchers say that women won’t see a close in the wage gap for over 200 years, at home women are the main caregivers and because they make less than their male counterparts, they are usually chosen to quit working if a child or elder becomes sick.

To make things better for women the McKinsey report suggests awareness, earning transparency, better policies, and support at home.

Are you exhausted by work and home life? What are you doing to keep the stress of work and home down?