Required Math At A Wedding Reception? Nope, I Can’t Make It!

Math makes me anxious….I can’t do it.  And because of that, I wouldn’t be able to sit or eat at this couple’s wedding.

A bride and her future husband, who are both mathematicians, have come up with an interesting plan (I’d like to call it an “evil plan”) for their guests to figure out where they will sit.

On the bride’s Facebook page she posted that guests would have to solve a math question before they could sit down and enjoy their meal!!

The bride says that many of the guests have a “research-level” background and the question that they get will be based on their own research papers.

Now, once this screenshot hit the internet, one person said their “immediate RSVP would be no.” Others thought that the idea is pretty cool and wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

Math-shaming. Don’t worry- the difficulty will be drawn DIRECTLY from the guests’ background! No offense! (My immediate RSVP would be no.) from r/bridezillas

What do you think about the idea of people having to do a math problem in order to sit down? If you had to have guests do something at your wedding in order to sit down what would it be?



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