Ricky Bobby from 103.1 WIRK Goes For Ride Record at Universal Studios Orlando!

Is he doing The Hulk?  Harry Potter? Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit? Nope! Ricky is smashing the ride record on E.T. Adventure on Monday, October 29th!
Ricky is a LOVER of all things Universal Orlando Resort and can pretty much tell you everything about the part from it’s inception to today.
Not too long ago, a record was set with a guy riding E.T. Adventure 56 times.  Ricky scoffed at that number and has set his sights on DEMOLISHING that feat and is going to attempt to ride E.T. Adventure 103 times!!  Can he do it?  **My vote is YES!**  You can watch him do it and follow along with all of WIRK‘s social media channels – instagram, facebook and twitter.
Good Luck Ricky Bobby!  And remember to phone home when you’re done!


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