RoboBurger Offers Diners Food That’s Untouched By Human Hands

One New Jersey business has figured out a way to work around the employee shortage that’s plaguing U.S. restaurants: It’s replaced human workers with robots.
RoboBurger is an “artificially intelligent, self-operating kitchen that includes all the processes of a restaurant” — while covering only 12 square feet of real estate, company officials say. Customers who place an order can watch as the robo-chef grills the patty, toasts the bun and puts the burger together in less than six minutes. The cost for one hamburger: $6.99.
Although there’s currently just one RoboBurger in a New Jersey mall, the company plans on expanding to airports, malls, college campuses, factories and military bases “soon,” officials say.
Would you trust food that’s prepared by a robot?