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Roger Daltrey reveals his favorite new Who song, admits he wasn't happy with latest album's production

Rick Guest/Interscope Records

Who frontman Roger Daltrey recently took part in an hourlong Zoom interview with the band’s longtime art director Richard Evans that’s been posted on YouTube and that featured the singer fielding a variety of questions submitted by fans.

Among the interesting topics Daltrey discussed were his favorite song on the group’s 2019 studio album, WHO, and how he felt about the record’s production.

“I think my favorite song of all is ‘Beads on One String,’ believe it or not,” says Roger. “It’s not really a rock song…but there’s something about the message that I really, really like. I think it’s a masterful piece of songwriting.”

Regarding the Pete Townshend-penned song’s message, Daltrey notes, “[T]he world at the moment, there are so many people pulling it apart. We desperately need someone who’s going to pull us together, or some thing. Music can always pull us together. That song is a pulling-us-together song, and the more that gets out there and gets listened to…the better for all of us.”

During the Q&A, Evans reveals that Townshend has been preparing a remix of “Beads on One String” for release.

Daltrey says he’s heard the reworked version, but questions whether it’s any better than the original.

“It’s different, and it encompasses some of the orchestration we’ve had done to do on stage, but not all of it,” he points out.

Roger adds, “I’m really looking forward to, if we ever do get a chance to do it live…hearing it with orchestra, because the orchestration that David Campbell has done is absolutely extraordinary. It’s just a…mega song.”

Meanwhile, Daltrey reveals that he “didn’t like” the production on the WHO album, noting that he thought it was “overproduced,” adding, “I didn’t hit it off with the producer.”

By Matt Friedlander
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