Romy And Michelle Came Out 25 Years Ago

“Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” came out 25 years ago, but the movie is still a big deal.
Mira Sorvino talked about the role and said, “I remember my agents being very cautious about it because they felt it was kind of low-brow comedy. They were like, ‘You have an Oscar nomination. We should be really precious about your decisions.'”
She also said, “My instincts told me it was special and I related so much to it. I related to being the outcast, being not one of the popular kids in high school because that was my high school experience. I felt that there was a lot of heart to it and a lot about female friendships that I’d never seen explored anywhere else. That love between best friends.”
When the movie came out on April 25, 1997, it made $29 million at the box office.
And it is still a cult classic.
What was your favorite “Romy and Michelle” scene?