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Rose McGowan Stung By Murder Hornet! 🐝

Murder Hornets . . . remember those?  Well, they’re still buzzin’ around the continent, just ask ROSE MCGOWAN.

She was stung the other day and documented the experience on Twitter while asking her followers for help.  And for reference, she says she lives in a jungle in Mexico.

Rose said, quote, “I was just stung by a Murder Hornet.  Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb.  Heart racing.  Any tips?”

Then a couple hours later she said, quote, “My vision is now fuzzy.  My balance is off.  I am in the middle of nowhere.  My body is sweating, stomach cramping.”

Rose even shared a photo of the hornet and a video of it still moving after she tried killing it.

(WARNING:  The video contains an F-bomb.)

The next day she thanked her followers for their advice and help.  Quote, “Thanks for ‘listening.’  Sometimes I don’t know who to talk to about weird stuff, so all of you strangers that I’m connected to . . . muchísimas gracias!”

Sounds like she’s going to be a-okay.

(FYI, one guy replied to Rose that she was actually stung by an executioner wasp, which is ALSO super-painful.  This is what murder hornets look like.)