Ryan Seacrest Says He Hopes For ‘Nothing More’ Than To Host ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ With Vanna White

During a recent interview, future ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Ryan Seacrest was asked about the fate of the show’s longtime co-host Vanna White.
Rumors over a difficult contract dispute have been ongoing for months, and now, even Ryan is admitting that he is unsure if she will return.
During the interview, it was asked, “Are you going to keep Vanna White?” and Ryan said, “I love Vanna White. I’ve known Vanna for a long time. We sat in important places next to each other. And I hope for nothing more than to be able to walk out on that stage and host with her.”
Will you continue to watch the show without Pat Sajak? Will you watch if Vanna doesn’t’ return? Who do you think will take over as co-host if Vanna doesn’t return?