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Sam Adams Beer Has A Magic 8 Ball Can?

Some beer companies want to be the life of the party . . . but Samuel Adams is fine being the beer you drink when you bail on all your friends and just sit at home . . . alone.

Samuel Adams is selling a mock beer can toy online called the “I CAN’t Can” . . . and it’s basically a variation on the “Magic 8 Ball.”

In the description, it says that when you shake it . . . it will provide you with an excuse to “ditch unwanted obligations and get back to what summer is all about:  drinking beer.”  (On your back porch . . . far FAR away from the insanity of your nephew’s Little League game.)

There are 12 “excuses” inside, with beer pun excuses, like “working on a six-pack” . . . “making pour choices” . . . and “caught an ale-ment.”

They WERE available for pre-order on their website for $5.30, but they sold out almost immediately.  There should be more soon.  The first batch ships on July 10th.

(PR Newswire)