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Sam Smith says new album is about “liking myself for the first time”

Walter Pfeiffer

Walter PfeifferDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam Smith decided to delay the release of their new album and change its name from To Die For to something more appropriate.  But in any case, the singer says their new music was inspired by them coming to terms with who they truly are as a person.

Speaking to Britain’s Press Association, Sam said they recorded the new album while they were “really deep into exploring my gender, exploring my queerness.”

“I changed my pronouns and I was feeling so happy to be myself,” they said. “I was going out in Los Angeles a lot and I was dancing and I was drinking loads, having a wonderful time with all my friends. I went into the studio and the guys who were writing with me said: ‘What do you want to say?’”

“And I literally said, in that moment, ‘I finally feel like I’m ready to fall in love. I’m ready to show myself to someone. Because I’m liking myself for the first time and accepting myself.’”

In fact, Sam sings about that very topic on their new duet “I’m Ready” with Demi Lovato.  So far, we’ve only heard that song and “To Die For” from Sam’s batch of new music.  There’s no rescheduled release date or title for the album yet.

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