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Say It Ain’t So! A Movie Popcorn Shortage Is About To Hit?!

Are you one of those people who can’t watch a movie at a theater WITHOUT ordering popcorn?  Well, brace yourself.

The “Wall Street Journal” reports that movie theater chains are worried that “supply chain issues” may lead to a POPCORN SHORTAGE later this summer.

An executive from a popcorn supplier says “Supply will be tight” . . . partially because they’re having to pay farmers more to keep growing popcorn, rather than switching to more lucrative crops like soybeans.

If the shortfall happens, it could REALLY hurt theaters already dealing with staffing issues and inflation.  They NEED the profit from concessions.

And it isn’t just the popcorn itself.  Theaters are also struggling to get the special bags for popcorn, with the sheen linings that keep butter from seeping out.

Of course, even if theaters are able to keep the kernels popping, this could mean they’re going to need to charge even MORE for it.

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