Season 34 Of ‘The Simpsons’ Will Have Melissa McCarthy

The Simpsons has had way too many celebrities to count as a part of the series for all 33 seasons.
Now, Melissa McCarthy will be joining the list of celebrities featured on the iconic show in season 34.
Matt Selman said, “She plays kind of a quirky kid who has Grandpa’s love and Homer’s like, ‘Why does Grandpa like this kid? And why didn’t he like me?'”
He continued, “We’re huge fans of her and it’s a big meaty, juicy part. And she’s really funny. To get a big comedy movie star at the height of their powers, it’s pretty cool.”
Season 34 of The Simpsons will premiere on September 25th.
Do you still think The Simpsons is funny after all these years? Has the show fallen off?