Seeing That I HATED The Second One (Mamma Mia the movie), Please Give Me A Third Abba!

I did!  I really hated #2!  The first one was all about fun and happy and silly!  #2 had a sad theme throughout the whole thing! Ask my Mom – I literally cried through the whole movie.  The thought of “you-know-who” being “you-know-what”….had me all kinds of sad.  It was about the worst.

Abba star Bjorn Ulvaeus is hinting that a third “Mama Mia” film could actually happen.

According to Bjorn, a third installment of the film is being “looked into” and new music from the group could accompany the film.

To get “Mamma Mia” fans even more excited about the possible third movie, Bjorn revealed that fans just have to be patient to hear the new music.

Would you like to see a third “Mamma Mia” film?