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Sharon Osbourne Said To Be Getting $10 Million Pay Out From “The Talk” & CBS

After an on-air spat with Sheryl Underwood during an episode of The Talk, reports are swirling that former co-host Sharon Osbourne got a $10 million payout.

On top of that, another source is reporting that Osbourne can also talk about the on-air incident without any repercussions.

CBS announced that Sharon quit on Friday, but those close to Osbourne say that she’s still going to get her side of the story out to the public after being with the show for 11 years.

If you remember, two weeks ago Sharon got into an on-air argument with fellow co-host Sheryl Underwood about defending her pal Piers Morgan, who didn’t have kind words about Meghan Markle after her Oprah interview.

After getting a $10 million payout would you want to talk about the situation any longer? Do you think Sharon will be on TV again?