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“She By Shereé” Is Finally Here? And Real? And You Can BUY It?! YES!

But as per usual, there is a problem and a scandal!

We have waited FOURTEEN YEARS for She by Sheree and FINALLY it debuted on Sunday nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

After the episode, fans went to the website to buy it and…..the site was down.

Ok, ok that’s a good sign, right? Fans crashed the site. Some fans got impatient and did a Google search only to find Sheree’s designs looked exactly like those from Shein–a brand commonly found on social media.

Fans wasted no time lettin’ Sheree have it!

Someone wrote, She by Shein

Someone else wrote, She by Somebody Else

One of the people who claimed to have worked on the designs and alterations with Sheree says he was never paid to which someone replied, She Don’t Pay by Sheree.

Do you plan to support and buy a jogger from her?