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Sheryl Crow pays tribute to the late Bill Withers with cover of his 1972 album cut

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The Valory Music Co.Sheryl Crow was one of the many artists saddened by the loss of Bill Withers last week.  The Rock and Roll Hall Famer, responsible for soulful hits like “Lean On Me” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” passed away at the age of 81.  Now, Sheryl is paying tribute to Withers by releasing a cover of one of his songs she recorded a while back.

The song, recorded as a duet with singer/songwriter Citizen Cope, is “Lonely Town, Lonely Street,” the opening cut of Withers’ 1972 album Still Bill.  That same album included Withers’ signature hit “Lean On Me,” as well as one of this other well-known tracks, “Use Me.”

In a statement, Sheryl says, “I love Bill. His passing last week was a heavy blow, on top of the challenges we’re all facing just trying to live day to day right now.”

“After making incredible, beautiful, funky records…Bill got tired of the music business and stopped recording in 1985,” she continues. “When I was fortunate enough to meet him, I begged him to make music again and he replied, ‘I am a stonemason now and I am good at it!’”

“He told me he was happy and didn’t want to make music anymore,” Sheryl adds. “Times like these remind us about what’s really important in life – love, family, living life in harmony with each other and our planet. Bill’s music was about that, and so much more.”

The song is now available at all digital outlets.

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