Cool Dad Rules

Bill Adams of Sunny 107.9 and 850 WFTL brings you a podcast for Florida Dads (and Moms)!

Stubborn Kids Are Awesome!

Bill has learned that stubborn kids are a gift…seriously.

I Admit It: I Have A Favorite Child

Do we have to treat every child the same, no matter how they behave? Bill says no!

Youre Damn Right I Check Their Social Media!

Bill tells the story of a well-meaning college kid whose reputation was ruined by media trolls.

I Don't Care What You Think About Vaping. It's Time To Talk To Your Kids.

The E-Cig issue is all over the news, and Bill says no matter what your stance is, the time to talk to kids about it is now.

Countdown To College: Making The Most Of Their Last Year In The Nest

Bill asks ‘Grown And Flown’ author Mary Dell Harrington for tips on how to make the last year of high school great for parents and kids.

How Do We Pay For College WITHOUT Going Broke?

Bill talks with financial aid expert Ron Caruthers about the best way to get some cash for class.

"Help, My Kid HATES The Teacher!"

Bill gets some solid advice from author, blogger, and former teacher Faith Moore about what to do when the student/teacher relationship is just a disaster.

What Do We Do About Vaping?

It’s a whole new challenge for us, and a very real danger for kids.

Smart Diapers?! Come On, Man

Bill vents about the new development in diaper-changing technology.

Don't Let Them Hijack Your Vacation!

Bill shares a fool-proof way to make sure vacation is drama-free.

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