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They’re both originally from New England, but have called South Florida home for years. They have completely different takes on the stories of the day, but totally agree on one thing…

They’re having the most fun ever as the Sunny 107.9 morning team!


Featured Story

Like Hiking And Beer?
If you’re looking to earn some money a Virginia beer company wants to pay you $20,000 to drink beer and hike the Appalachian Trail. The Devils Backbone Brewing Company wants to hire a lucky person to be the Chief Hiking Officer to hike over 14 states in the spring of next year. If you’re thinking […]

Featured Story

Best Pizza Hack Ever
You know if you reheat pizza in the microwave it gets soggy,  but you also don’t want to take the time to use the oven.  So what’s a hungry, lazy person supposed to do?  Domino’s in Australia just shared a “hack” for reheating pizza in the microwave so it doesn’t become soggy:  You just need […]

Featured Story

A Hero Sheriff
  Police in several cities around the country joined in solidarity with peaceful protesters.  Chris Swanson is the sheriff in Flint, Michigan.  He gave a pretty impassioned speech, telling people that the police are on their side.  Then he and a bunch of other cops marched with them.  

Featured Story

Taylor Swift's Fans Aren't Shaking BK's Tweet Off
We think BK’s tweet is pretty funny, but some of her fans aren’t happy.  Taylor Swift’s army of fans are rushing to her defense.  The superstar’s fans aren’t happy about a comment made by Burger King’s Twitter account yesterday.  It all started when one user asked the fast food chain what their favorite Taylor Swift song […]

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