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They’re both originally from New England, but have called South Florida home for years. They have completely different takes on the stories of the day, but totally agree on one thing…

They’re having the most fun ever as the Sunny 107.9 morning team!


Featured Story

We Finally Have Our Christmas Tree Up!
We only wish this tree were in our lobby!  The Chattanooga, Tennessee Aquarium has an electric eel that can power the lights on a Christmas tree.  The eel releases low-voltage blips of electricity when it’s trying to find food . . . and the aquarium hooked up a special system to the tank to pick […]

Featured Story

The Best Use EVER For A Ring Doorbell
Best use of the Ring Doorbell yet! Two kids in Minnesota used the family’s doorbell cam to send their military dad messages almost every day.  The dad was stationed in the Middle East.  He got to see tons of wonderful moments, including 7-year-old son Zerick’s new haircut, and proud announcement that he just graduated from […]

Featured Story

Who Are Those Singers?
Can you imagine getting off your subway and hearing this?  Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon put on disguises and gave a surprise performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” and her hit “You Oughta Know” in a New York City subway station.

Featured Story

Today's Good Samaritan
How incredible is this?  A guy in the passenger seat of a car driving on the Brooklyn Bridge saw a man standing on the ledge and looking like he was going to jump.  So he stuck his head out of the window and talked him out of it. Happy holidays!

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